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Bantam Size Egg Boxes

Rattling around, jiggling about can be a thing of the past. Beautiful Bantams deserve their own egg box to fit their unique, smaller than standard size chicken eggs. So here it is!. Exclusive to The Bantam Box, manufactured to our own design. A high quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable paper pulp egg box in a lovely natural finish. These boxes are compact and sturdy, ideal for storing half a dozen eggs for eating or for postage of hatching eggs. You could even use them for chocolates, soaps or creativity. We think you will love these cute little boxes that will showcase your Bantam eggs. Everybody loves things that come in small packages with these boxes being no exception, make your Bantam eggs a talking point display them in our exclusive Bantam sized egg box.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept any new orders until 1st August 2018. Please check back after this date.

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