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About Kim

I live in a small rural village in Norfolk with my partner, two children and my extended family. A beautiful French Bull dog called Twinkle, my eight rabbits, four guinea pigs and of course my lovely feathered friends my Pekin Bantams.

I trained and worked as a Biomedical Scientist specialising in Microbiology for 14 years at my local hospital. Following laboratory closure and therefore redundancy in 2014 I was left with a void in my life and a big question over what to do now.

With animals always being part of my life since the day I was born I wanted to do something I had a passion for. With funds limited and children to work round it had to be something unique but on a manageable scale that I could start from.

One morning after collecting my eggs and returning to the kitchen to place them in my hand me down egg boxes, scavenged from friends and family I said to my partner ”I wonder if you can get egg boxes to fit Bantam size eggs”. Here my search began! Hitting dead end after dead on the internet other than one overseas shop Bantam size egg boxes were nowhere to be found.

Much to my partners bemusement I said, “That’s it I’m making my own!” After several months of pondering, designing, backwards and forwards conversations it all came together and the Bantam Box was made. Now I just smile when I open the fridge door and see the cute egg box sitting there snuggling my Bantam eggs. I wanted to share my little creation with fellow Bantam lovers and so The Bantam Box website was developed.

I hope for this Bantam adventure to be my personal success and to bring the same pleasures to like-minded Bantam lovers through more products to suit our smaller than average feathered friends.

The Bantam Box
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